Why integration matters

Bringing your customer data into the Faraday platform unlocks crucial functionality:

  • predictive modeling and artificial intelligence
  • automated insights
  • mapping

But over time it can feel inefficient to do these exports manually. Plus, manual exports inevitably become irregular. 

Luckily, the Faraday customer intelligence platform integrates with several CRMs, including most editions of Salesforce.  

Supported editions

Heads up: we only support editions with the API enabled, such as the following.

  • Developer
  • Unlimited
  • Performance
  • Enterprise

In other words, not:

  • Contact 
  • Group
  • Professional

Getting started

To find this integration in the platform, go to app.faraday.io > Settings > Integrations > Salesforce. 

From there, enter the credentials you'd like us to use and hit Save.

Note: it is recommended to create a new Salesforce user that has read-only access, and then they share this info rather than your own. 

Up and running

Depending on the security settings for your account, we may need to coordinate with you to satisfy two-factor authentication. 

Once everything is synced up, we'll do a few tests to make sure your Faraday account populates correctly when new Salesforce data comes in. This can take about a week.


How fast will an update that you make in Salesforce appear in your Faraday account? There are two parts:

  • We default to hitting the API (to see if there are any changes) every 30 minutes.
  • Once we have your data, it has to process—this additional time needed will depend on how complex your data is.

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