The Faraday AI Platform can be leveraged for visually interactive research, comparison, and targeting of specific geographies and demographics directly "out of the box." You can filter by 100's of criteria that you know are leading indicators of your existing best customers to find future customers.

But the real power of the Faraday AI Platform comes from leveraging machine learning to find the actual indicators of an ideal and valuable customer. The platform is best trained by digesting and applying machine learning (AI) to your existing data sets. By feeding Faraday with as much data as possible—your existing customers, ex-customers, leads, and prospects that never bought from you—Faraday can automatically build statistically proven models to help you in the key customer lifecycle challenges below:

  1. Find the "best fit" new customers
  2. Identify customers with the highest potential for upsell and cross sell
  3. Pinpoint high value customers with the highest likelihood of churn
  4. Reactivate ex-customers with the highest potential value

Even if all you have is basic customer and prospect contact info, you can leverage the built in data science capabilities of the platform. By combining your data with Faradays rich built-in national household data graph and then applying the Faraday Customer Intelligence Engine, everyone in your organization (not just a data scientist) can leverage AI to make key business decisions with statistically sound results.

See our articles on how to upload your data today and talk with your Customer Success rep to start fully leveraging the Faraday Customer Intelligence Platform today.

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