Table of Contents

  1. What are BYO personas?

  2. Building your own personas

  3. Analyzing your BYO personas

  4. Delivering your BYO personas to a destination

What are BYO personas?

Once your data is segmented into your initial personas, you may find that you'd like to zoom in even further on the makeup of your customer base. Enter: Faraday's BYO personas. BYO personas allows you to select any cohort of your customers, such as "churned customers," and build personas specifically based on that one cohort. Building your own personas in this way can provide you with deeper insight into the most common traits & attributes of customers in your selected cohort – for example, maybe most of your churned customers are actually outside of the intended demographic for your product. For a deep dive into how to build your own predictive personas, be sure to check out our lunch & learn here.

Building your own personas

  1. To start, navigate to the Cohorts console via the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

  2. Click on the cohort that you'd like to enhance with persona assignment, and click Create personas.

  3. In the following screen, select the attributes you'd like your personas to be built from. Mouseover the information "i" on any attribute to learn more about what it means.

    1. Note: age and gender are required in order for the system to auto-generate persona names and avatars.

  4. Once your attributes are selected, click Create personas. Within 1-2 hours after you do so, you'll receive an email notification stating that your new personas are ready, as well as a summary of the results.

Analyzing your BYO personas

With your new personas in-hand, dive deeper with a post-analysis of your choosing by heading to the Personas console, where you can choose from hundreds of additional attributes to add to the view.

  1. Navigate to the Personas console via the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

  2. Via the dropdown in the upper left, you can change the currently-displayed persona roster by selecting the cohort.

    Faraday personas console roster select
  3. With your desired persona roster selected, click the Stats button in the top menu to navigate to the page where your persona's attributes live.

  4. In the Stats view, you'll see a default view of the attributes that were used to cluster your personas (these are what you selected when building personas). To dive into a post-analysis, click +Add attributes at the bottom of the view.

    Faraday personas console analysis
  5. The Analysis attributes window will slide open on the right, where you can choose from hundreds of additional attributes that will display in the personas console for the personas that you've built from your selected cohort.

  6. With your post-analysis attributes selected, click Apply to confirm your changes, which will insert the additional attributes into the console's Stats view.

Delivering your BYO personas to a destination

Now that you've created your own personas from a specific cohort of your customers and performed a post-analysis on them, it's time to act on them via the Reach product.

  1. Navigate to Reach via the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

  2. Select +New delivery in the upper left.

  3. Choose your preferred destination, prediction type, and audience.

    1. Note: for full instructions to create a Reach delivery, check out our article for creating deliveries in Reach.

    2. Your audience options are available based on your personas and cohorts – including the personas you just created within a cohort, as well as custom segments created in the Segments console. Read more about the Segments console here.

  4. In the Finalize stage, enter a short description of the delivery, and select the personas you'd like to include, which populates from those created in the way described in this article.

    Faraday Reach product persona selection
  5. With your new BYO personas selected, click Create delivery to finish.

    1. Note: for Facebook deliveries, select the split deliveries by persona checkbox to have your delivery arrive as one audience per persona in Facebook.

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