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  1. What is Reach?

  2. Accessing Reach

  3. Creating a new delivery

  4. Using Reach's performance reporting dashboard

What is Reach?

Reach lets you build deliveries – tailored lists of people or audiences that you'd like to send marketing outreach to. Deliveries can be optimized with machine learning, ensuring that the right individuals are selected.

With Reach, you can segment, then target your audiences down to both the individual and household levels. By doing this, personalized marketing creative & outreach are maximized via machine learning models improving audience segmentation over time. In addition, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can then be used to target specific zip codes with localized ads. While finalizing a delivery for Facebook, you're able to split the delivery by persona to make personalization a snap.

Accessing Reach

To access Reach, click the Reach icon in the menu panel on the left-hand side of the app.

Creating a new delivery

  1. Once inside the Reach product, select + New delivery in the upper left to start creating new deliveries to your configured destinations.

  2. Next, select your preferred destination – whether it's Facebook, your ESP, CRM, or something else entirely.

  3. Then, select the predictive model you'd like your audience to be scored against: lead scores, churn scores, you name it. If you're missing the option to select a model you'd like to score with, contact your Account Manager.

  4. In the Audience section, you're able to narrow down your audience selection by certain saved Explore segments, personas, and cohorts; further, you're able to target by the individual, or their household, as well as those individuals you've reached already or haven't reached via the Include dropdown under Aggregation level.

  5. After clicking Next to move onto the Finalize step, add a short description for the delivery. You're also able to split your delivery by persona (if using Facebook as a destination), as well as notify users when the delivery is completed. Splitting your deliveries by persona is an easy way to deliver multiple audiences to Facebook to allow for easy-access personalization.

    1. Note: for full instructions on BYO personas, check out our article for BYO personas.

  6. Click Finalize to finish creating your delivery. You'll receive an email once your delivery is complete!

Using Reach's performance reporting dashboard

For both Facebook and DIY/direct mail deliveries, Reach provides the ability to report on the performance of that delivery. This can be used to help you track how well each delivery performed with regard to the audience members that Faraday surfaced and provided for the delivery. To access performance reporting, select the completed delivery in question in Reach and you'll find it underneath the info panel of the delivery.


For Facebook attribution reporting, no manual action is required and results will display automatically when available. In some cases, ROAS metrics may not display due to an issue finding values in Facebook.

Note: if you're splitting your Facebook deliveries by persona but planning to only market to a few of those personas, chat with your Account Manager for best practices as this may impact your reporting dashboard.

DIY/Direct mail

If you're using a DIY/direct mail delivery, you'll need to enter the dates of the performance period you'd like to assess, as well as the advertising spend for that period. If the end date isn't listed, it will be assumed that the campaign is still running. If the advertising spend isn't listed, the metrics for return on advertising spend (ROAS) will not be displayed for the delivery.

Note: in order to be reported on, the delivery must have an Outcome selected and must be less than 6 months old.

Once submitted, your results will be displayed in roughly 24 hours. If you have any questions regarding a delivery or performance reporting, contact your Account Manager.

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