ReCharge integration allows for easy incorporation of your subscription and payment schedule data into your Faraday account. Potentially coupled with existing Shopify data, it will allow insightful analysis of your subscription and non-subscription customers for even more distinction across your consumer base.

The pre-built ReCharge integration is very simple to set up - all we will need is an API key ("token") from the account.

1. Log into your Shopify account, select Apps, and then click on your ReCharge application.

Shopify Apps page.

2. In the application, click Explore ReCharge located near the top right corner of the page.

3. Click on the Integrations tab, and then click API tokens.

Integrations page with API token link.

4. Click on Create an API token.

5. On the Create an API token page:

  • In the Details section, enter a Nickname and Contact email into their respective fields. (Nickname is arbitrary, Contact email is your email)

  • In the Permission section, select the Read Access scope for each permission.

6. Click Save to create the Access Token.

Sending credentials securely to Faraday:

Go to the Faraday app’s Sources console, click Create source at the top.

  1. Search for ReCharge as a Source location, enter a descriptive name, and click Next.

  2. Enter your ReCharge API key here:

  3. Under Finalize, click Create source. Faraday can now begin the integration process. Once you finalize this source integration, our Customer Success team will be able to finish the configuration and we can begin utilizing your ReCharge data!

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