During the onboarding process, Faraday will be exploring your data with the intent to understand its simplicity and complexity - its size, shape, and constituents. Think of your data as a living ecosystem where all of your consumers reside. In order for us to gain a full appreciation for how to interact with it, we need to gain an appreciation for it as if we were you! Soon after we launch activities and get access, we will hold a Data Discovery call where we can essentially get the 101 from your team. The below considerations/questions are a nice sampling of some of the areas we want to touch upon.


  • Do you have a data dictionary or definition of the fields that are being sent over?

  • Do you have specific language used for your sales funnel or customer lifecycle statuses?

  • Does your data contain any 3rd-party licensed data?

  • Do you have date fields for specific engagements/events in your data?


  • How many unique cohorts exist in your data?

  • How many "customers" do you have and how do you define them?

  • How many "leads" do you have and how do you define them?

  • Are there prominent geographic patterns we will see in your data?

  • Do you only sell in certain locations?

  • During the sales process are you capturing physical address, email, and/or phone number?

  • Do you maintain a mailing & billing address for your customers?


  • How do products appear in the data?

  • Could you provide a product mapping that narrows your offerings down to a dozen or so different categories?

  • What are your most and least popular products or categories?

  • What percentage of your customers have purchased your most popular product?

  • Do you have value ($) associated with events or products?

Acquisition, engagement, and churn:

  • Have there been any major changes in your marketing strategy or business initiatives in the last quarter/last half-year/last year/etc...?

  • Do you have an acquisition source (channel) for leads?

  • Do you track churn and how do you define that for your business?

  • Do you utilize coupon/discount/reward codes?

  • Do you utilize an ESP (Email service provider) for engagement data?

  • Does that data maintain a record per email sent?

  • Do you have the date the email was sent?

  • Do you have subscriptions and their various statuses?

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