We have built direct integrations with a number of destinations that allow quick & easy configuration so that you can begin creating deliveries that will send right to the place you need.

In less than 5 minutes you can provide Faraday the necessary information (in a safe & secure fashion) to set up the connection needed to begin utilizing. The current destinations include:

Not seeing the destination you were looking for? Check out some of the other destinations that take a bit more setup, or reach out to support@faraday.io to learn about using the destination you had in mind.

How to: 6 easy steps

1 - Login to your Faraday account (app.faraday.io)

2 - Navigate to the destinations console

3 - Select "Create new Destination"

4 - Locate & select the desired Destination

5 - Follow the prompts for that destination

6 - The CS team will be alerted once you have set this up and they will work to get the destination fully configured.


  • Chat us and ask! Use the live chat option right from the app

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