We've built direct integrations with a number of destinations that allow quick & easy configuration so that you can begin putting your predictions to use right in the place that you need.

In less than five minutes you can provide Faraday the necessary information (in a safe & secure fashion) to set up the connection between Faraday and your marketing stack. Check out the full list of integrations on our site.

Not seeing the destination you were looking for? Reach out to support@faraday.io to learn about using the destination you had in mind.

How to: 4 easy steps

  1. Navigate to the Faraday app's Destinations console and select Create destination at the top.

  2. Search for your desired destination, enter a short description and click Next.

  3. Enter your destination-specific credentials, and click Next.

  4. Under Finalize, click Create destination.


  • Chat with us and ask! Use the live chat option right from the app

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