Explore gives you and your team the ability to build Audiences using your own first-party data and third-party consumer data from the Faraday Identify Graph to visualize and compare hundreds of dimensions.


Where do your customers live?

  1. Login to Explore.

  2. Click add a segment.

  3. Click "Design from scratch".

4. Select your company from header choices at top of options.

5. Select "customers" and set the Allowed values to "True."

6. Name the Segment "Customers." Map will show you where your customers live.

Try building out a map on non-customers — follow steps 2 through 4 and when setting the Allowed values — choose "Missing" condition. Save this as your non-customers segment.

How close are they to important locations for your business? - Retail stores, Credit Union Branches, or even ATM locations.

  1. Make sure you have added your important locations on the app.faraday.io/locations console.

  2. On Explore enable Show locations at top of the page to see your locations and then load your customers onto the map.

Looking to gain new customers via Out-of-Home messaging? Use the FIG data to exclude your current customers and find the right place for your next billboard ad.

Analysis view

Start asking questions about your customers' attributes and compare them to the US baseline.

How does the median household income of your customers compare to the national median household income?

What percentage of your customers own dogs, and how does that compare to the US population baseline?

What percentage of your customers frequently remodel? What is the national baseline for this attribute?

Build a Reach Delivery

  1. After learning more about your customer base, activate this knowledge.

  2. Save your segment.

  3. Then simply click on the satellite dish icon to build a Delivery to your Destination.

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