Please follow the instructions for connecting with a service account using Cloud SQL proxy.

A few things to note:

Google Cloud SQL Admin API

The Google Cloud SQL Admin API must be enabled. We don't perform admin actions, but this is a requirement for any proxy-based access including read-only.

Service account access

Please give the service account the IAM permission for the Cloud SQL client. This allows us to connect to the proxy but does not allow us any database permissions.

Database username and password

Once we have connected to your instance using Cloud SQL Proxy, we still need a normal Postgres user to access your tables. Please set one up, possibly with read-only access.

See What data Faraday expects for more information.

Sending credentials securely to Faraday:

Go to the Faraday app’s Sources console, click Create source at the top.

  1. Search for Google Cloud SQL Postgres as a Source location, enter a descriptive name, and click Next.

  2. Enter your Google Cloud SQL Postgres info, and click Next.

  3. Under Finalize, click Create source. Faraday can now begin the integration process. Once you finalize this source integration, our Customer Success team will be able to finish the configuration and we can begin utilizing your Google Cloud SQL Postgres data!

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