The general idea is that you will create a temporary table of US-only data while you're still in European data centers, and then transfer that table to a US-based data center.

Step 1: Create datasets in the right locations

You will need 2 dedicated BigQuery datasets, one in Europe and one in the United States:

Step 2: Scheduled table creation

Since BigQuery Data Transfer can't copy views, we have to make a table that contains only US data (i.e., non-European). Note that this table is created on the European side, and is created using a Scheduled Query so that it stays up to date.

Now let the scheduled query run and verify that you have a table!

Step 3: Scheduled dataset transfer

Cross-location (EU to US) BigQuery Data Transfer works at the level of datasets, so we only need to do this once for any number of tables.

Now let the scheduled transfer run and verify that you have a table in your US-based BigQuery dataset!

Step 4: Permissions and final setup

You now have a US-based BigQuery dataset that Faraday can connect to directly:


Please see Source setup: Google BigQuery for instructions on setting up permissions.

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