Faraday can connect to your Marketo account to share data with your Faraday account.

Doing so, we can utilize your lead, customer, and churn data for predictive outcomes, e.g. "Lead generation, lead conversion, or likelihood to churn,” or simply append Faraday data back into your Marketo account.

Necessary Parameters:

Endpoint REST URL (ex. https://457-RFG-234.mktorest.com/rest)

Marketo Client ID

Marketo Client Secret

Max Daily API Calls (Most Marketo subscriptions are allocated 50,000 API calls per day.)

Granting access

  1. Sign into your Marketo account.

  2. Click the Admin option.

3. In the Security section, click Users & Roles.

4. Click the Roles tab, then New Role.

5. In the Create New Role window, enter the following:

Role Name - Enter a name for the role. If it’s specific to Faraday, make the name specific - something like “Faraday API Role.”

Description - Enter a description.

Permissions - Click the checkbox next to the Access API option.

Click Create.

6. Go back to the Users tab, and click Invite New User.

7. In the Info section, enter support@faraday.io, first, and last name ("Faraday" and "Inc" are fine).

Click Next.

8. In the Permissions section, click the checkboxes next to the API User Role you created and the API Only option.

Click Next.

9. In the Message section, click the Send button to create the user.

10. Next, we need to create an API Custom Service to start getting the necessary parameters. Find LaunchPoint under Integration on the left-hand sidebar.

11. Click New and then New Service.

12. In the New Service window, do the following:

Display Name - Enter “Faraday REST API”.

Service - Select Custom from the dropdown.

Description - Enter a description.

API Only User - Select the Stitch user you created.

Click Create.

13. After the service is created, it’ll display in the Installed Services grid. Click the View Details link to display your API credentials.

Copy the Marketo Client ID and Marketo Client Secret into a text file for later.

14. Next we need to whitelist the IP addresses needed to connect. Completing this step is required only if you have IP Restriction enabled in Marketo.

Find Web Services under Integration on the left-hand sidebar (right above LaunchPoint).

15. If the IP Restrictions setting is Disabled, skip ahead to step 17.

16. If it's set to Enabled, click the Edit button next to IP Restrictions.

In the Allowed Addresses field, paste one of the IP addresses listed below and then click Add:

Repeat until all the IP addresses are added.

Click the Save button.

17. Staying on Web Services, scroll down to API Call Information. Determine the Max Daily API Calls you'd like to allow Faraday to make. 40,000 is standard.

18. Scroll down to the REST API section and copy the Endpoint as the Endpoint REST URL.

19. Create a new Source in the Faraday app’s Sources console, select Marketo as a Source type, and click Finalize. Faraday will be notified automatically, but be sure to let your Account Manager know you'd like to add Marketo as a Source, as a Customer Success Engineer will need to complete the setup.

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