Leveraging Faraday's predictive models, we can help optimize your current Google Ads spend, by providing ranked locations alongside, bid modifications. This will allow you to optimize your spend within your campaigns, by steering your dollars to higher propensity areas and spending less in lower-ranking areas, all while maintaining your overall budget.

Note: Faraday can only push bid modifiers to certain campaign types, due to limitations of Google's API. More information can be found here.

SMART Campaigns

Currently, we are NOT able to push bid modifiers to Smart campaigns or if Google's automated bidding strategies are being used. The following are places we cannot support:

But the most common campaigns types are supported:

  • Display (standard or gmail)
  • Search
  • Discovery

Can I use an existing campaign?

We recommend starting a new campaign. By creating a new campaign, you do not have to change existing strategies such as replacing modifiers you may already have in place. However, if you wish to use an existing campaign, the bid modifiers Faraday provides, will delete & replace the current locations that you already have in place. For example, if you have a campaign in place targeting all of Vermont, but request bid modifiers from Faraday for only New York & California, our modifiers will delete Vermont, and add in New York and California to the campaign.

Is there a limit to how many locations I can target?

Faraday scores and can provide zip code, county, and state modifiers across the United States, however, at this time Google has limited to only allowing up to 10,000 locations to be used for bid modification per campaign.

How can I evaluate the success of these bid modifiers?

If you already target specific areas in Google ads, take note of the current performance. Are you seeing higher performing areas? What are your spend levels? When creating a new campaign and implementing the geo-bid modifiers, we can see side-by-side comparisons in regards to location & performance. If you add into an existing campaign it will be critical to keep track the day this was changed to accurately measure performance.

Additionally, by allowing Read-Only access to your Ads account, we can provide reporting relating to the performance of the areas bid modifiers were implemented.

Can the geo-bid modifiers be used for Display, Youtube & Shopping?

The bid modifiers can be leveraged for Display & Paid Search campaigns.

However, the system does not yet support bid modifiers for Shopping, Youtube or Smart campaigns.

My business must abide by the Fair Housing Act, how can we still utilize bid modifiers?

Google has recently updated their rules around companies who fall into the FHA, where they cannot target their ads at the zip code level. To support this and abide by Google's rules, Faraday offers county and state level targeting. We will optimize and rank counties and states and push these rankings and bid modifications directly into the desired campaign.

Can I use the bid modifiers in Bing?

Yes - you can leverage the Google Import feature through Bing, which will allow you to copy over your existing campaign(s) from Google Ads right into Bing.

At this time, Faraday does not have a direct integration with Bing.

How do I remove bid-modifiers?

The bid-modifiers can be removed by leveraging the bulk edit option in Google ads.

How often should I update the bid-modifiers

Faraday recommends we look to provide a refreshed list of locations and modifiers on a quarterly basis. Each quarter we will update the predictive model to include new customers/sales data to better inform the model and provide updated rankings.

How long does it take to set up bid-modifiers?

The setup process between Faraday and your Google Ads account is fairly quick and straightforward. The Faraday team has built out step by step instructions that can be found by going to https://knowledgebase.faraday.io/en/articles/4199509-destination-setup-google-ads-formerly-adwords as well as the team can set up a 15-minute call to walk through the setup process. Getting the two systems connected is quick and easy!

What do I need to do, to set up & use bid-modifiers?

The first thing to do is discuss with your AM your interest in leveraging the bid modifiers on Google ads! From there, your AM will work with our data science team to build a predictive model that will score the US and rank all of the zip codes.

Once the locations are ready and you or your tech contact has followed the setup instructions, Faraday will pass the location modifiers over which can be used immediately.

Within the Google ads environment, and depending on if you created a new campaign, or are using an existing one, you can choose to update budgets/keywords etc. However, since the campaign must exist before the modifiers are sent over there is no further action required.

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