Faraday’s pre-built integration with Google BigQuery as a destination allows us to share your Faraday data to your BigQuery account to activate with it.

We can push data such as Faraday Personas and your predictive outcome, e.g. "High Risk for Churn” scores in a BigQuery dataset by automatically creating a table.

Granting access within Google BigQuery

  1. Log into the Google Cloud Console.

  2. Select the project you want to have access to, or create a new project if you prefer.

3. Navigate to BigQuery.

4. Click on the desired project, then Create dataset. You can skip this if there is already a dataset you want us to push to, however, we recommend giving Faraday our own dataset.

5. Enter a descriptive name for the Dataset ID. Other settings can be left on their default.

6. Find the dataset under the project. Click on it, then Share Dataset.

7. Add faraday-outgoing@production-237317.iam.gserviceaccount.com under Add members. Select BigQuery Data Owner from the dropdown. This grants us Data Owner permissions only for this dataset.

8. Navigate to IAM & AdminIAM

9. Click + Add

10. Add faraday-outgoing@production-237317.iam.gserviceaccount.com as a new member, and select BigQuery Job User as a Role.

Our system will create a table upon first delivery. If you’d like it named something specific, please let us know, otherwise, we will name it something descriptive.

Sending credentials securely to Faraday:

Go to the Faraday app’s Destinations console, click Create destination at the top.

  1. Search for Google Ads as a Destination location, enter a descriptive name, and click Next.

  2. Enter your credentials key here, and click Next.

  3. Under Finalize, click Create destination. Faraday can now begin the integration process. Once your Account Manager confirms everything is all set up, Google BigQuery will be available as a destination in Reach, the Faraday tool used for delivering audiences to their destinations!

Deliveries to BigQuery

  1. Deliveries to BigQuery will automatically create a table in the specified project and dataset, with a schema like below:

2. The persona column will contain the persona assignment value below is the persona assignment (e.g. "Cluster 4")

3. The churn_reduction_monitor is the Outcome name, and the value is the score percentile of the contact in question (0-100%). The name for the score field will vary depending on the Outcome used.

4. Once a table is created and the schema set (the columns/values) it cannot be changed unless the entire table is cleared. In the case of a nuance such as the need for a changing schema, Faraday can simply create another table in your dataset.

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