Faraday’s pre-built integration with Snowflake as a destination allows us to share your Faraday data to your Snowflake account to activate with it. Please note that currently, Faraday is only able to support AWS Snowflake instances.

We can push data such as Faraday Personas and your predictive Outcome, e.g. "High Risk for Churn” scores appended to each of your contacts in Snowflake.

Granting access within Snowflake

  1. Tell your Account Manager you'd like to set up Snowflake as a Destination.

  2. Faraday will need to generate an RSA keypair and send you the public key:

$ cat snowflake.pub









-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

3. Log into your Snowflake system via the Snowflake login page.

4. Get the Snowflake Account Name from the URL, everything before

snowflakecomputing.com, in this case: qo71195.us-east-2.aws .

5. Next, we need a Faraday Snowflake user with ACCOUNTADMIN privileges.

6. In the top-bar navigation, go to AccountUsers.

7. Select +Create to create a new user.

8. Create the Snowflake username and have it named something like Faraday - then set a password. Note: Advanced settings when creating the user are not required.

9. Under Preferences, set the Default role to ACCOUNTADMIN then hit finish.

10. Next, go to Worksheets in the top-bar navigation.

11. Using a new or existing worksheet, update the RSA_PUBLIC_KEY for the user created. As mentioned, Faraday will provide an RSA_PUBLIC_KEY to use.

12. Click on Databases and determine which Snowflake database name you want the resulting table to live in.

13. Finally, we need a schema & table name for where your data sits. The table gets created upon delivery, so any name will do.

Sending credentials securely to Faraday:

Go to the Faraday app’s Destinations console, click Create destination at the top.

  1. Search for Snowflake as a Destination location, enter a descriptive name, and click Next.

  2. Enter your credentials here, and click Next.

    • Snowflake Account name - e.g. qo71195.us-east-2.aws

    • Snowflake Username - e.g. faraday, with the provided RSA public key set in Snowflake

    • Snowflake Database name - e.g. FDY

    • Snowflake Warehouse name e.g. COMPUTE_WH

    • Snowflake Schema name e.g. PUBLIC

    • Snowflake table name (Either Faraday makes it up, or your desired nomenclature)

  3. Under Finalize, click Create destination. Faraday can now begin the integration process. Once your Account Manager confirms everything is all set up, Snowflake will be available as a destination in Reach, the Faraday tool used for delivering audiences to their destinations!

Deliveries to Snowflake

  1. The initial delivery to Snowflake will create a table in the database specified above.

  2. Table schema will be Email, the name of the Outcome used for scoring, and Persona

  • The value under Persona is the persona assignment for that contact

  • The value under the Outcome name is the score percentile (0-100%) for that email

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