Faraday’s pre-built integration with Snowflake as a destination allows us to share your Faraday data to your Snowflake account to activate with it.

We will create a new table in your Snowflake, containing your Faraday Personas and your predictive Outcome scores, e.g. "High Risk for Churn” for each of your contacts.

Granting access

Overall, we'll need:

-Snowflake Account Name

-Snowflake User, with ACCOUNTADMIN permissions, and user's RSA_PUBLIC_KEY set to the key we provide

-Snowflake Database Name

-Desired Snowflake Table Name (optional),

  1. Tell your Customer Success Manager (CSM) you'd like to setup Snowflake as a Destination.
  2. Faraday generates an RSA keypair, and emails you the public key:
$ cat snowflake.pub 
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

3. Login to your Snowflake system, https://www.snowflake.com/login/

4. Get the Snowflake Account Name from the URL, everything before snowflakecomputing.com, in this case: qo71195.us-east-2.aws

5. Next, we need our own Snowflake user with ACCOUNTADMIN privileges

6 .In the top-bar navigation, go to “Account”, then “Users”

7. “+ Create” to create a new user

8. Set Snowflake username to something like "faraday", set a password. We shouldn’t need to login, so “Force Password Change” can be enabled or disabled. Click “Next”.

9. Nothing here is required, but can be set if desired. Click “Next”

10. Set “Default Role” to ACCOUNTADMIN and click Finish.

11. Go to “Worksheets” in the top-bar navigation

12. Using a new or existing worksheet, update the RSA_PUBLIC_KEY for the user created, using the key we provided (remove the preceding -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY---- and the trailing -----BEGIN PUBLIC KEY----)

13. Click on Databases, and determine which Snowflake database name you want the resulting table to live in. Faraday will create its own table in the PUBLIC schema of that database.

14. Finally we just need a table name. The table gets created upon delivery, so if you want a specific name let us know, otherwise we'll come up with something descriptive.

15. Put the following in a text file, and email to your CSM securely:

  • Snowflake account name - e.g. qo71195.us-east-2.aws
  • Snowflake Username - e.g. faraday, with the provided RSA public key set in Snowflake
  • Snowflake database name - e.g. Faraday, Production,
  • Snowflake table name (Faraday generated or suggested by you)

Deliveries to Salesforce

  1. The initial delivery to Snowflake will create a table in the database specified above.
  2. Table schema will be Email, the name of the Outcome used for scoring, and Persona

-The value under “Persona” is the persona assignment for that contact

-The value under the Outcome name is the score percentile (0-100%) for that email

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