Faraday’s pre-built integration with Snowflake as a destination allows us to share your Faraday data to your Snowflake account to activate with it.

We will create a new table in your Snowflake, containing your Faraday Personas and your predictive Outcome scores, e.g. "High Risk for Churn” for each of your contacts.

> Please note that currently Faraday is only able to support AWS Snowflake instances.

Granting access


-Snowflake Account name

-Snowflake User, with ACCOUNTADMIN permissions, and user's RSA_PUBLIC_KEY set to the key we provide

-Snowflake Warehouse name

-Snowflake Database name

-Snowflake Schema name (default / none specified may mean "PUBLIC")

-Snowflake table name

  1. Tell your Customer Success Manager (CSM) you'd like to setup Snowflake as a Destination.
  2. Faraday will need to generate an RSA keypair, and emails you back the public key:
$ cat snowflake.pub 
-----END PUBLIC KEY-----

3. Login to your Snowflake system, https://www.snowflake.com/login/

4. Get the Snowflake Account Name from the URL, everything before

snowflakecomputing.com, in this case: qo71195.us-east-2.aws

5. Next, we need a Faraday Snowflake user with ACCOUNTADMIN privileges

6. In the top-bar navigation, go to "Account" then "Users"

7. Select "+Create" to create a new user

8. Create the Snowflake username and have it named something like, Faraday - then set a password. Note: Advanced settings when creating the user are not required.

9. Under Preferences - set the Default role to "ACCOUNTADMIN" then hit finish

10. Next, go to "Worksheets" in the top-bar navigation

11. Using a new or existing worksheet, update the RSA_PUBLIC_KEY for the user-created. Faraday will provide an RSA_PUBLIC_KEY to use.

12. Click on Databases, and determine which Snowflake database name you want the resulting table to live in.

13. Finally, as mentioned, we just need a schema & table name for where your data sits. The table gets created upon delivery, so any name will do. We should now be securely receiving the following:

  • Snowflake Account name - e.g. qo71195.us-east-2.aws
  • Snowflake Username - e.g. faraday, with the provided RSA public key set in Snowflake
  • Snowflake Database name - e.g. FDY
  • Snowflake Warehouse name e.g. COMPUTE_WH
  • Snowflake Schema name e.g. PUBLIC
  • Snowflake table name (Either Faraday makes it up, or your desired nomenclature)

Deliveries to Snowflake: details

  1. The initial delivery to Snowflake will create a table in the database specified above.
  2. Table schema will be Email, the name of the Outcome used for scoring, and Persona

-The value under “Persona” is the persona assignment for that contact

-The value under the Outcome name is the score percentile (0-100%) for that email

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