Our newest features put data science in your hands to help you and your team make smarter decisions and run better campaigns across your customer lifecycle.

Here are a few ways you can learn more about your customers and start predicting which ones are most likely to take the next step in your journey.

See what’s new about your customers in Explore

Explore lets you create and analyze segments using hundreds of consumer attributes from the Faraday Identity Graph (FIG). You can quickly see how your newer customers compare to the rest in the Analysis view.

First, head over to the Analysis view, create a segment for all customers by setting the Customers criterion to True. Then, create a segment for recent customers by adjusting the Min order date.

Next, use the Attribute panel on the right side of your screen to compare the two segments against various dimensions. Read this article to learn more about comparing audiences in the Analysis view.

Understand how your customer base is evolving

There are several tools available to help you track and understand changes in your customer base. The best place to start is in the Personas console.

Here you can visualize how your persona distribution is evolving by hovering over the Personas flow chart. You'll see the total number of customers in each persona, as well as their total spend at any given time.

You can analyze more recent spending trends using the Recent orders card in the Dashboard.

Start making predictions with journeys and outcomes

With a good understanding of your customer base and how it's evolving, you can create new customer journeys and define the outcomes you want to predict in the Journeys console.

Simply drag and drop cohorts to create a new journey, then use the outcomes module to define which steps you want your models to predict. Learn more about creating Journeys and defining outcomes.

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