Faraday’s pre-built integration with Klaviyo as a destination allows us to share your Faraday data with your Klaviyo account to activate with it.

We can push data such as Faraday Personas and your predictive Outcome, e.g. "High Risk for Churn” scores appended to each of your contacts in Klaviyo.

Find your API Key

To access your account's (Public) API Key, click the account dropdown in the upper right and select Account.


Then, select Settings > API Keys.


View your public API key (i.e., Site ID) in this location.

Your Public API Key/Site ID

Your public API key is also called your Site ID. This is a short alphanumeric value. Note that there is only one site ID for each individual Klaviyo account.

It is safe to expose your public API key, as this key cannot be used to access data in your Klaviyo account.

Sending credentials securely to Faraday:

Go to the Faraday app’s Destinations console, click Create destination at the top.

  1. Search for Klaviyo as a Destination location, enter a descriptive name, and click Next.

  2. Enter your credentials here, and click Next.

  3. Under Finalize, click Create destination. Faraday can now begin the integration process. Once your Account Manager confirms everything is all set up, Klaviyo will be available as a destination in Reach, the Faraday tool used for delivering audiences to their destinations!

Deliveries to Klaviyo

  1.  Deliveries to Klaviyo will automatically create and update what are called Custom Properties on a contact's Profile page, under Information, and populate specific data there:

    Specifically, the properties will be the name of the Outcome used for scoring ($churn_reduction_monitor), and $personas.

    • The value under the Outcome name is the score percentile (0-100%) for that email.

    • The value under Persona is the persona assignment for that contact.

  2. Using these, you can create Lists and Segments for targeted messaging and creative.

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