The Journeys console lets you create your own customer journeys and define the exact outcomes you want your models to predict. Faraday Journeys help you guide consumers down the right path-to-purchase, path-to-loyalty, or any other path that's important to your growth strategy.

Creating a journey

To create a new journey, go to the Journeys console and click the + New journey button at the top of the console.

You will then be prompted to give your journey a name before continuing to define its stages. After naming your journey, simply drag and drop cohorts to define its stages.

When you're finished placing your cohorts in order, click Create journey to save it.

Defining outcomes

Now that your journey is created, you can easily define the outcomes would like to use to begin building predictive models. Outcomes can span two or more journey stages. For example, a lead generation outcome would start at the Everyone cohort and end at the Leads cohort. We've highlighted a customer acquisition outcome below.

Once you've defined an outcome, let your Account Manager know, and they will review the data and start building your predictive model.

Analyzing outcomes

When you click on an outcome, you'll see a time series displaying how many times that outcome was achieved on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Your outcome achievement data will also be displayed in the Outcome analytics card in your Dashboard.

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