Faraday predictive personas can provide context around shifts in your customer base, insights into the types of messaging and creative that will resonate best with specific cohorts, and help you deliver personalized experiences across multiple channels throughout your customer lifecycle.

Personas are ingrained throughout the Faraday platform, enabling you to:

  • Understand key attributes that define your personas so you can build intelligent paths-to-purchase and customize your content and creative for each persona.

  • Understand each persona's contribution to overall revenue, average order size, and specific product sales so you can guide your acquisition spend, discounting strategies, and optimize your overall customer acquisition cost: lifetime value ratio.

  • Assign new contacts (prospects, leads, and customers) to your personas and reassign existing contacts to new personas via ad hoc, real-time, and/or scheduled scoring runs so you can ensure that every customer enjoys relevant, personalized experiences as their lives evolve.

How does Faraday develop your personas?

Faraday computes your personas using your first-party data, our third-party consumer data, and unsupervised machine learning algorithms, revealing distinct clusters in the combined data that ultimately represent your customer personas. Faraday data scientists review these quantitatively developed personas to help you understand what makes them distinct from the rest. Learn more about persona development.

The attributes that define each persona can help you guide your personalization efforts so that when your contacts are assigned a persona, your systems are properly configured to guide every individual down the right path-to-purchase while delivering the most relevant content and creative at every touchpoint.

What can you learn from personas in the Faraday platform?

See how your personas are defined in the Personas console

In the Personas console, you can quickly view all of your personas and the attributes that define them.

Draw deeper insights in Explore 

You can dive much deeper inside the Explore product. For example, you might find that your recent customers have a higher net worth than your early customers.

Understand each persona's contribution to revenue in the Dashboard

The Dashboard gives you quick access to some key business insights and platform usage metrics. At a glance, you can see the breakdown of revenue generated, total order count, and average order volume (AOV) by persona over time.

When you scroll down to the Personas card, you can visualize shifts in the persona makeup of your customer base over time, as well as each persona's total size and total spend on any given date. These visualizations can help you understand how your customer base is evolving and which persona(s) are emerging as high-growth cohorts, potentially worthy of further investment.

Visualize persona membership across the lifecycle in the Cohorts console

Use the Cohorts console to understand the persona makeup of specific cohorts (e.g. leads and customers). You might see that one of your personas converts at a lower rate than the rest, which may be indicative of a misalignment in the creative you're using to nurture them.

How can you leverage personas to scale your personalization efforts?

Personalize campaigns across your targeted marketing channels with Reach

Reach enables you to create, score, and deliver custom audiences to nearly any online or offline channel. For Facebook, you can easily split your audiences by persona by selecting the "Split delivery by persona for personalized outreach" button in Reach's New delivery window.

After setting your destination, define your audience and deliver it with that audience's attributes in mind.

From there, simply include your personalized creative for that audience's attributes, and you're good to go!

Trigger personalized marketing workflows with Inform

Inform scores your contacts against your predictive model(s) and assigns each individual to one of your personas via API. Propensity scores and persona tags are then returned to your systems in near-real time, enabling you to trigger automated marketing workflows configured to deliver the most relevant content and creative at every touchpoint.

Top use cases for Inform's persona assignment capabilities include:

  • Immediately score new leads to deliver personalized nurture campaigns.

  • Immediately score customers when they perform a specific action (e.g. purchase your most popular product) to personalize up-sell or cross-sell initiatives (e.g. deliver personalized product recommendations in a Thank You email).

Deliver personalized experiences throughout the later stages of your customer lifecycle with Monitor

Monitor batch scores your existing contacts (e.g. leads and customers) on a recurring basis and returns up-to-date propensity scores and persona tags to your systems. Changes in a customer's income, marital status, property type, etc. must be recognized to ensure that you continuously deliver personalized experiences as their lives evolve.

Top use cases for Monitor's persona assignment capabilities include:

  • Batch-score newly purchased and existing leads for personalized outreach from sales reps and call center agents.

  • Batch-score existing customers personalize up-sell, cross-sell, and retention campaigns.

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