As a Service Provider under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Faraday supports the processing of a deletion request received by our Clients. The following steps should be taken to assure the deletion request is processed and persists. 

Client to do: 

  1. Delete the record from the data source(s) that Faraday is integrated with such as Shopify or Redshift. 
  2. Upload a CSV file to your Faraday account labeled “CCPA_deletion_file-YYYY-MM-DD.csv” within five days of having received the request.

The file should contain as many of the following columns as you have available:  (in other words, it's OK to leave some of these blank)

  1. person_first_name (first name)
  2. person_last_name (last name)
  3. person (if first and last are not available separately)
  4. house_number_and_street (first line of address, eg. "123 N Main St Apt 503")
  5. city
  6. state
  7. postcode (zip)
  8. phone
  9. email
  10. email_hash (SHA-256 hash of lowercase email, with plus-addressing removed)
  11. phone
  12. phone_hash (SHA-256 hash of phone number, numbers only, prefixed with country code. E.g. "12015660130")

The upload function is found under the settings tab in your account:

Faraday to do:

  1. Within ten days of receiving the deletion file, Faraday Customer Success team will process the deletion request removing the record from your Faraday account. Please note the deletion file will be maintained in your account solely to assure the deletion persists and for record keeping.
  2. Upon request, the Faraday Customer Success team can confirm by email when the deletion request has been fulfilled.
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