Cohorts are pre-defined groups of individuals (prospects, customers, return customers, etc). On the Faraday platform, they're the building blocks for your data science projects: comparative analysis, journey mapping, predictive modeling, etc.

The Cohorts console gives you more control over—and visibility into—the cohorts that matter to your business. Once defined, you can quickly explore how different cohorts evolve over time; from overall size to persona breakdowns.

Accessing the Cohorts console

Just use the Cohorts icon in the consoles menu on the left. If you don't see the icon in your account, please notify Customer Success.

Adding and analyzing cohorts

Basic cohorts are automatically included in your account. If you'd like to add advanced cohorts, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

You can begin to understand the kinds of individuals that make up your cohorts in the Cohort Analytics view. Simply click on the cohort you want to analyze (see the screenshot below).

From here, you can visualize the cumulative size of the cohort, as well as how many people met the cohort's qualifications over time. You can also begin to understand how the overall persona breakdown of the cohort and how that breakdown has evolved.

Further support

Additional analysis features are on the horizon. Please contact Customer Success with any further questions or requests.

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