Faraday Cohorts are pre-defined groups of individuals (prospects, customers, return customers, etc). On the Faraday platform, they're the building blocks for your data science projects: comparative analysis, journey mapping, predictive modeling, etc.

The Cohorts console gives you more control over—and visibility into—the cohorts that matter to your business. Once defined, you can quickly analyze how different cohorts evolve over time and use them to create your own customer journeys.

Accessing and adding Cohorts

Use the Cohorts icon in the consoles menu to access the Cohorts console. If you don't see the icon in your account, please contact Customer Success to learn how to activate Cohorts.

Once you're in the Cohorts console, you'll see all of your existing cohorts along with a time series of each cohorts' cumulative size by month.

Basic cohorts (e.g. Customers and Leads) are automatically included in your account. If you'd like to add more advanced cohorts, contact your Account Manager for support.

Analyzing your cohorts

You can dive deeper into each cohort to see how they're evolving over time, from overall size to breakdowns by persona.

The Cohort time series displays how many people met the selected cohort's qualifications on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you're using Personas, you'll also see the cohort's breakdown by persona.

Use the buttons in the upper-right side of the time series card to change the time interval or switch between the qualifications and cumulative views.

Creating customer journeys with cohorts

The Journeys console allows you to create your own customer journeys with your cohorts, and define the outcomes you want your predictive models to optimize.

Learn more about how to use Journeys here.

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