Faraday's pre-built source integrations help make customer data ingestion a breeze. The Sources console lets you connect your own customer data sources with the Faraday platform. For details on using specific sources, check out the Sources collection.

Accessing the Sources console

To access the Sources console, mouse over the three dots on the left-hand side and click Consoles → Sources. If you don’t see Sources as an option (seen below), contact Customer Success to add it to your account.

Creating a new source

To create a new source, click the Create source button on the upper left side of the Sources console (seen below).

Doing so will open a source search box in the panel on the right-hand side where you can select the type of source your data is coming from (SQL, CSV, HubSpot, Klaviyo, etc). Once your source is selected, click Next to advance to the next stage where you can drag and drop your data file (note: if you select a non-CSV file, you’ll be prompted to log into your data host). After clicking Next to advance to the Finalize stage, clicking the Create source button is the final stage of source creation.

With that done, your Customer Success team will complete the configuration process and notify you when your new source is ready!

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