What is Monitor?

Monitor is our product that keeps your predictive insights fresh and up-to-date on a scheduled, recurring basis. From customer engagement to churn prevention, Monitor scores and identifies your contacts to help you take advantage of new opportunities opportunities and mitigate emerging risks.

Every day, week, or month (or on any custom schedule), Monitor evaluates a pre-selected group of your contacts, matching each one to the Faraday Identity Graph. Monitor will then score each of them against the models you select, while also determining which persona each one belongs to.

Monitor can push these scores and other metadata wherever you can take action on them: your ESP, data warehouse, or other destination. 

Creative ways to use Monitor

  • Use a monthly schedule to determine which persona each of your customers belongs to, storing the indicators in your ESP. Now you can use subtle variants of your engagement emails that are attuned to each persona — testing has revealed that this improves click-through rates.
  • Every day, determine the top churn risks and flag them in your call center software. Now your retention specialists can focus on intervening with the most urgent cases.
  • On a weekly basis, predict the LTV of each of your customers and store the values in your data warehouse. Now your analysts can find the biggest opportunities — differences between predicted and observed LTV — and promo these customers back to the table.

How to access Monitor

You can easily create a new schedule in the Monitor product. Just click the Monitor icon on the left-side panel, then click the + New schedule button at the top of the screen.

From there, simply choose the outcome you want to optimize, select your target destination, set your desired frequency, and specify the audience you want to analyze.

Ready to get started with Monitor? Get in touch with Customer Success.

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