What is Inform?

Inform is our real-time intelligence product that makes it easy to use the Faraday API to add predictions and insights to your existing workflows. It gives you the ability to trigger personalized campaigns, promote the right products and services, and send alerts to your sales and customer service teams the moment a given event occurs in your systems.

When a lead or customer performs an event (or combination of events) in your stack, you can instruct your system to send that person to Faraday's API. There, they will be matched to the Faraday Identity Graph, scored against one or more of your models, and matched to their closest persona. These details are included instantly in the API response, at which point your stack can store it for future use or act on the intelligence immediately.

Events and systems

Events are used to trigger an API call.  They can take place in your email service provider (ESP), customer relationship management platform (CRM), data warehouse, or any other system that stores data on actions your leads and customers take.

Your triggering event(s) might be a new lead capture, a new customer service ticket, or a change in subscription level — it all depends on which outcomes you want to optimize and which action(s) signify that the given individual should be scored.

How to set up and access Inform

Connect to the Faraday API

The first step is to configure your systems to recognize a triggering event and make a call out to the Faraday API. How this is done depends on the system that captures the event. For example, see instructions for the Iterable ESP. For a complete reference, see the Faraday API documentation

Analyze specific API requests

You can access the Inform product by clicking the Inform icon on the left-side panel. From there, you can analyze individual API requests to ensure your systems are properly configured to handle the response.

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