Downloaded a marketing list out of a Campaign recently?

If so, then you'll have encountered the following three types of unique IDs generated by the Faraday Customer Intelligence Platform: owner code, location code, and recipient ID. Here are the distinctions between each.

Owner code

This refers to a person or group of people living at a place. In other words, there is one owner code for the last name Kavalier living at 71 5th Ave in NYC: 3d992beb96dfcbc72dd975bab744e43c. If the Kavaliers move out and Clays move in, this ID changes.

Location code

This refers solely to 71 5th Ave, New York, NY 10003: 787ca8c2cdb4bbecf801341317739e6f. What if the Kavaliers move out? Still the same. Never changes.

Recipient ID

This one is the most specific: 7cac220b-a931-41cb-a2a8-b0c4f2ec9fc3 refers to a person with the last name Kavalier at 71 5th Ave getting this particular marketing effort via Faraday. 

It never repeats and only ever changes.


  • If you want to track unique addresses, regardless of who is living there or when/how they were targeted, then your best bet is location code.
  • If you approach an address totally differently depending on who lives there (as implied by last name), use owner code.
  • If you want to ask us a question about a row in a list you're looking at, use recipient ID.
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